Czech-in’ out Prague

Ahoj readers!

A trip to Europe isn’t complete without boarding a super-sketchy Ryanair flight and Czech-in’ out Prague (feel free to laugh at my hilarious pun).  Although we could only spend two days in this gorgeous city, it ended up being one of my favorite trips, and not only cause I got to pet a really cute corgi.

There’s so much to see in Prague that it’s very difficult to narrow your itinerary down enough and fit everything in two days.  Check out my experience below and you’ll definitely have time to hit all the highlights!


Where to Stay

Although we booked our hostel somewhat last-minute, Hostel Tyn ended up being the perfect choice for two female travelers.  For around €25 apiece per night, we were able to book a standard twin bed private room in the center of Old Town Prague. Our room was clean, affordable and came with two locked cabinets (not that we needed to use them).  The Hostel itself was very friendly, accommodating, and the location could not have been better.  Upon check-in we were given maps, lunch suggestions and all the tourist information we could have asked for.

Old Town Square

Located only about a five-minute walk from our hostel, Old Town Square is the site of some of Prague’s oldest, medieval history. The square is always packed with tourists and locals alike, vendors selling yummy Czech food, delicious restaurants, fun bars and adorable, old shops. Although it’s located across the river from Prague Castle, we wouldn’t have chosen to stay anywhere else!



Black Angel’s Bar Prague — Hotel U Prince

Hotel U Prince has an adorable rooftop bar that gives you the best views, by far, of Old Town Square! Czech out that view while sipping your mulled wine, doesn’t get more Czech than that.


The Dancing House

One of my roommates in Rome told me about this nifty building before I left for Prague and wow was I glad she did. Besides being one of the coolest buildings I’ve ever seen, the view from the top was spectacular, even at night. You can either pay 130 Koruna (€5) to enter the rooftop patio or for 80 Koruna (only €3) you can buy a delicious glass of wine and take in the rooftop view for free!



Prague Castle

Located on Castle Hill, Prague Castle or Pražský hrad, is easy to see from almost anywhere in Prague.  Admittance to the castle grounds is free, but if you’re hoping to go inside the castle or any of the surrounding buildings you’ll be charged a small fee of 350 Koruna (around €13).  Prague Castle is one of Prague’s most popular attractions and if you’re lucky enough to visit, you’ll understand why.  It is one of the largest castle complexes in the world and, founded in 880, full of Czech history.



Pub Crawl

We made a habit out of booking a pub crawl in almost every city we visited.  As a group of six plus college students, we wanted to make sure we made it to all the best bars and nightclubs each city had to offer.  The Prague Pub Crawl ended up being one of my favorites. The €30 tour on Viator included four of Prague’s best bars, an hour of unlimited drinks at the first bar, a “welcome shot” at the last three bars and the ability to skip the line at the last and final stop, Prague’s famous 5-story mega club, Karlovy lázně.  And besides one small hiccup that involved taking four taxis around the city looking for my friend’s “lost” phone, it ended up being one of my favorite nights in Europe (she found it an hour later in her bra).  Find more information on Europe’s most lit pub crawl here.

IMG_8295 2

Beer Tour

Another of our Prague favorites included our three-hour “Czech Beer Culture Tasting Tour.”  €12 included all of our beer and a guided tour of three different, and very unique, Czech bars (for the price of one beer in New York City).  Although our tour group ended up being very small, our guide was wonderful and the tour itself was very well-put-together.  We ended up eating dinner with our tour group at the last stop and had a great time!  Find more information on the tour here.


Astronomical Clock at Old Town Hall

The Astronomical clock in Old Town Square was built in 1410 and is the third oldest astronomical clock in the world, and the only one still standing. While the clock and Old Town Hall themselves are beautiful and full of medieval history, the hourly show has a reputation of one of the most overrated attractions in Europe. No matter it’s reputation, you can still see hoards of tourists surround it on the hour like clockwork (pun intended).

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 6.43.19 PM


Hot Honey Wine

You’ll pass dozens of little outdoor stands offering “spiced wine” and “hot honey wine” in Old Town Square.  It’s warm and delicious and definitely worth the few Koruna, especially if you’re the genius who only packed a leather jacket in 35 degree weather.


John Lennon Wall

One of Prague’s most famous attractions, the John Lennon wall is located only a short walk across the bridge from Old Town. It’s a must-see and if you have time, unfortunately we didn’t, you could stop by the John Lennon Pub for a few brewskies or a hot wine.





Street Vendors on the Charles Bridge

There are many ways to reach Prague castle from Old Town Square, but, if you want my advice, it’s definitely worth the walk.  The most direct route takes you  across the Vltava river on the Charles Bridge. The walk itself won’t take you more than 20-30 minutes, and there’s plenty to see along the way in this historic town. The view from the bridge is spectacular, the castle is in full view, and it’s filled with locals selling beautiful (and affordable) jewelry and street art.



The scenery doesn’t end once you reach the other side.  Prague is filled with cute cafés, art shops and adorable, colorful buildings.




Starbucks View Point

One of our happy accidents in Prague, we stumbled across the Starbucks View Point on our way up Castle Hill.  Located about a two-minute walk from the castle gates, this Starbucks is home to some stunning scenery.  Nowhere in Prague did we find a viewpoint as clear as this one, not even from the top of the dancing building (and we didn’t even have to buy a coffee!)



Take a Dinner Cruise

There’s no better way to see Prague than cruising along the Vltava River. Why not add some Czech food and beer to that equation? Prague Boats offers a classy dinner cruise/buffet dinner for only €39 for 3 hours! Dinner with a [moving] view anyone?


Restaurant Suggestions

U Bulīnü

Looking for delicious and authentic Czech food? Czech out (pun intended) U Bulīnü! Where the duck melts in your mouth and the beer is ice-cold and cheaper than water.

IMG_8235 2

U Fleku

Another one of my favorites, U Fleku serves a mouthwatering three-course Czech meal including hot homemade soup, hearty beef goulash, fluffy potato dumplings and flaky sweet apple strudel. Served, of course, with cold Czech beer!


IMG_8287 2

What to try…

Chimney Cakes

Contrary to what Instagram believes, Chimney Cakes actually originated in Hungary.  However, most tourists don’t know that, so Prague is full of shops selling the delicious, ice-cream filled treats! Stop by Good Food if you’re looking for some more adventurous flavors (charcoal or aperol spritz ice cream anyone?).



Halušky is very popular among the street vendors in Old Town Square and is definitely a must-try when visiting Prague. My first thought when I tasted it was, “Is this mac n’ cheese?”  However, Halušky is actually made with a mixture of potato dumplings, cabbage, sheep cheese and bacon bits.  Definitely not low fat, but screw it, when in Prague!




Remember, no visit to Prague is complete without stuffing your face with all the above!

All of our experiences were a great way to fill only two days in this gorgeous and historic city.  Although you could definitely spend months exploring Prague and all his mysteries, a long weekend is more than enough time to hit all the highlights and enjoy some delicious Czech food and drinks.

Thanks for reading and na zdraví (cheers!)


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